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Entente Law is dedicated to protecting the rights of workers. Our focus and our goal is to ensure that every worker receives fair treatment and just compensation for their labor. 

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Jim Pizl Founded Entente Law To Stand Up For Workers' Rights

James B. Pizl is a man with a mission. He founded Entente Law PLLC in his hometown of Puyallup Washington after decades as in-house counsel for various corporate entities, a chief financial officer, and a state auditor. With Jim's unique set of skills as a CPA, a damages expert, and data base engineer, he has rapidly grown Entente Law PLLC into a formidable foe to any employer exploiting their workers, no matter the size. Jim and his team at Entente Law go to the mat against Goliath and show collective strength can overcome injustice. Jim's vision has always been for Entente Law to take on clients from all walks of life, making sure employers don't get away with wage theft simply because their employees are low wage workers.  That's why Entente Law won't take any fees unless we win your case. 

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Here to Fight for Workplace Rights

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Entente Law PLLC's team is dedicated to fighting exploitation and brings passion, experience, and heart to get the best outcomes for clients. We battle with you, for justice. 

Meet the Team

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At Entente Law PLLC our attorneys have experience handling class actions for workers. Entente Law has successfully navigated scores of class action lawsuits for employees throughout Washington State.  

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Here's What Our Clients Have to Say...

They are very kind, friendly and hard working ppl with enthusiasms, they are really work for the justice. They wouldn't turn anyone down when someone in trouble for sure. I'm so grateful about them. Seeing like them is giving me an encouragement for living in this life.

~ Hemi

Absolutely the best law firm I have worked with. Jim is extremely honest and a hard worker. He will exceed your expectations and will help you get what you deserve. He knows the law and the processes inside and out, and will go above and beyond to make sure you as a client are satisfied and protected. If you are looking for someone with integrity and compassion to represent you in your legal battle, look no further because this is the best attorney around.

~ P. Major

Jim Pizl is an amazing lawyer who knows his stuff and digs deep when it comes to helping his clients out. I recently reached out for help with a legal issue involving my business and he handled my sticky situation with the professionalism, expertise and swiftness needed from a good attorney. If you need an excellent (and honest) business or employment attorney, call Entente Law Firm.

~ Megan

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