Ari Robbins Greene

Associate Attorney

Ari is passionate about standing up to bullies when the law permits. workers in standing up for their rights. Prior to becoming an attorney, Ari has successfully advocated for underdogs and provided mutual aid as a community organizer. Since beginning his legal career, Ari has continued to focus his personal and professional efforts on fighting worker exploitation and discrimination, Ari worked with a grassroots team to pass new civil rights laws. As an Assistant Attorney General, Ari prosecuted doctors and health care practitioners for misconduct, advised government agencies, represented the Governor's office, and oversaw the promulgation of new state laws. Coming to Entente Law and taking up the tool of litigation against powerful perpetrators is a dream come true for Ari, who values the relationships he builds with clients, and thrives on getting back what they are justly owed. 

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You can tell that Ari cares about people!

~ Monique

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