Sexual Harassment

By law, you are guaranteed the right to be able to work free of various forms of harassment, including sexual harassment.

You may have a case for a sex harassment lawsuit against your employer If you have been or are:

  • being touched inappropriately
  • a recipient of sexual jokes and comments
  • experiencing unwelcome advances
  • witnessing someone else receiving unwelcome touching, comments or advances
  • or being asked to perform sexual favors for “benefits”

What is quid pro quo?
If you have been asked to perform a sexual favor in exchange for a promotion, raise, better performance evaluation, or placement into a preferred shift or role, this form of sexual harassment is called quid pro quo. It means “this for that.” Quid pro quo can also be reversed to include negative consequences such as demotions or a less desirable shift for refusing the request. This is illegal.

Hostile Work Environment
Specific to sexual harassment, a hostile work environment is created when one or more people are the targets of:

  • Sexual jokes and innuendos
  • Posters, photos or other displays with sexual content
  • Inappropriate e-mails or text messages
  • Pursuing individuals for dates despite repeated refusals
  • Other repeated behaviors that make the recipient(s) believe that their freedom and/or their ability to perform at their best is being violated

Sexual harassment should not be tolerated. It has no place in the workplace. You deserve to be freed from this nightmare—and without retaliation! If you or a coworker is experiencing what you believe to be sexual harassment, we are here to help you.

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